EDDS is a dynamic and interactive data dissemination system providing access via internet to the statistical data produced and/or compiled by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. To access data click on links on the right. For conversion into different frequencies and detailed usage click on "GENERAL STATISTICS".
The "Archives" section contains data which are not updated after 31.12.2004. Historical Consumer Price and Wholesale Price Index Numbers with different base years also can be accessed at this section.
EDDS WEB-SERVICE is available now. It is an application module which provides EDDS data by a client program. Information can be accessed from this page. For any question about EDDS WEB-SERVIS please send an e-mail to

For the period of 01.01.2005 - 31.12.2008, in the framework of the conversion done on 01.01.2005, the data which have a unit of Million TL and less than Million TL before the 01.01.2005 are presented as TRY (New Turkish Lira); and the data that were in Billion TL are presented as thousand TRY. However, beginning from 01.01.2009, TRY expression is changed as TL.

(*) The exchange rates until 01.01.2005 show the TL values before the TRY conversion done on 01.01.2005.
(**) The data before 01.01.2005 are divided to million to avoid breaks in the graphs and to provide integrity.

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